"We live in cities you never see on screen. Not very pretty...but we sure know how to run things." -- "Teams" by Lorde


Just a little Wikia page to inspire me to do more for my newest and main projected titled; Ourselves.

The story is set in a slightly futuristic setting in North America. Scientists have discovered how to open ways to different dimensions and it has brought more chaos to the world. Creatures of unspeakable horror called the Flaciats have slipped made their way to Earth and are using their powers of mental and emotional manipulation to turn the humans against themselves. Earth being helpless to stop the invasion turned to an ally from the neighboring dimension of Vilocen for help. The Vilocen race helped by blessing 7 humans with super human abilities to stop the Flaciats and any other outer dimensional creatures from destroying Earth. The blessed humans have been named Powerhouses . More humans with these abilites will be born every few years and become a cycle of seven. The plan worked for a while and failed. Most of the first cycle is presumed dead and the alive ones have fallen off the map. The second cycle hate each other and have not communicated since they stopped a major invasion roughly 20 years ago...and the story starts with the third cycle ...a bunch of young adults from the low income town of East Berkwhale who have their own problems to deal with.

It's mainly a story about poor kids and their stuggle and about power and control and good vs. evil and all that fun stuff there! :D Still a WIP.

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